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Clean Skin Organics GLOW Beetroot + Hibiscus Face Mask

Clean Skin Organics GLOW Beetroot + Hibiscus Face Mask

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This mask is ideal for balancing stressed, dull or tired skin.

It is hydrating and will help to moisturise and refine delicate lines.

The combination of Beetroot and Hibiscus creates a double dose of breakout control.  Beetroot is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals and hibiscus has natural acids which break down dead skin cells and increases blood circulation.


Your skin will be left feeling deeply cleansed and invigorated with a beautiful Glow.  Perfect pre event mask.


No Nasties



Australian Kaolin Clay, Quartz, organic beetroot powder, hibiscus


Mix 1 tablespoon of the mask with 1-2 teaspoons of purified water to make a paste, apply to face and neck area. Allow to dry, rinse.

For extra moisture: add 1/2 teaspoon olive oil

For extra brightening: add 1/4 lemon juice

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