Who Looks after U! My Self Care Guide

Who Looks after U! My Self Care Guide

Finding extra time for self care can be impossible - My guide gives you 10 things you can do right now to level up your self care and the best bit - it requires not extra time at all.

The Greenhouse Retreats

When I launched our first Retreat at Greenpoint my vision was clear, to create a space for self care.

The same vision was front of mind when I launched Mooi + U - after all we can't be on holiday every day. 

We need to make time to give back to ourselves, to honour ourselves mind and body and we need to do it daily.

I know for most of us this is actually not that easy.  Although it seems like it should be really easy,  it is not.

As women and mothers, we have an innate believe that we need to give until we can give no more.  That resting is lazy or taking care of ourselves is indulgent or even vain.

I want to challenge this and to do that we need to change our language and be our daughters inspiration - to lead by example. 

To normalise the necessity to make time to get your exercise in, to allow the time to take a bath or book a massage.

But even better than that what about all the things you can do that will take no more time at all? 

I have a list of 10 things you can gradually do in your daily/weekly routine which will level up you self care and require no extra time at all.


Let's Go....

1.  Replace all your toxic or out of date products: It's a simple yet important step as it instantly it a kindness gesture to yourself and your health, it is reducing drastically the volume of toxins you body as to deal with and also gives you the pleasure of using beautiful products each day.  Hey - you are going to use these products anyway so replace them with something the is good for you.

2.  Hang a Dry Body Brush on your shower door: While the shower is warming up, so a quick dry brush.

3.  Set up a Sleep Skincare Tray on your bedside: A good face oil and a qua sha, for a little facial massage right before you go to sleep.

4.  Super Charge your drinks:  Add to your coffee, water and smoothies.  I love to add adaptogenic blends to my coffee and super foods to my water.

5.  Use pure essential oils in diffusers in all your spaces:  This can not be underestimated how good your space will feel if it is filled with the right essential oil blends.

6.  Invest in at home beauty tools: Qua Sha, facial cups, rollers, led lights and dermal rollers are great for boosting your at home routine and take very little time to integrate into your daily skincare.

7.  Do your own spray tan:  Three Warriors is a great gradual tanning product you can switch out with your daily moisturiser every few days to keep a beautiful glow all year round, and we know how much better we all feel with a tan right.

8.  Set a sleep ritual and don't skip it: This is important, no matter what time you finish your day, create the steps leading to a good sleep with a shower, beautiful sleepwear or robe, dimmed lights, sleep tea and your final application of a good face oil which is beside.

9.  Dim the lights: As the sun goes down, turn on your lamps and light your candles, this is something that triggers such joy in my, it is the gratification of the day finishing, and giving myself that ritual so dinner time, study time etc can be enjoyed in a beautiful ambience.

10. Beautify your space:  Surround yourself with things you love, plants, oils, art, and take away the stress with removing clutter.

Essential Oils

Share your self care rituals in our comments.




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